Tabitha Boon


Tabitha is a multi-instrumentalist composer who writes progressive music, blending the traditional with the cutting edge. Influenced by Romantic-Era Russian composers and Metal bands from a young age, she has found a strong connection to contemporary progressive metal and avant garde electronic music.

Tabitha has composed for many solo instrumentalists and chamber ensembles; in 2017 she composed the original soundtrack for the short film Fishes in the Galaxy. Tabitha is actively involved in the Singapore circuit as a guitarist and bassist, having played for Inch Chua, Joie Tan and Ffion Williams. She is currently a guitarist and composer in the progressive metal band Test the Divide.

On the horizon, Tabitha is writing music for corporate clients and aims to release music for video games and films.


Yeung Boaz Yik Ki


Yeung Boaz Yik Ki is a Hong Kong digital artist and animator, currently enrolling in 2nd year of BA(Hons) Animation Arts at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. He specializes in digital art, such as background and character designing, as well as hand-drawn illustrations, which includes environmental quick sketches and concept developments. In animating, he uses both digital and stop motion technique.

He was involved in the production of “Dracula Project”, a stage performance and drama collaboration with actors from BA(Hons) Acting which was  directed by Stefanos Rassios from LASALLE College of the Arts in September 2016.

Additionally, he was also featured in the 24 hours comic challenge held by LASALLE College of the Arts along with art organization “Culturepush” in October 2016 for his short comic “The Red Ogre and the Little Girl”.


Hirzi Jasmin


Born of Singaporean Indian-Malay lineage grew up playing all kind of sports and always had the interest to explore in Performing Arts. Hirzi began to learn Street Jazz at the age of 17. His love for dance grew and he gravitated to Malay, Indian and Indonesian traditional dance performance. He later began to explore Ballet and Contemporary, which later developed, into a passion for Hip Hop dance. He was so driven from the beginning, he have performed at a wide ranged of events including Republic Polytechnic’s
Momentum, Singapore Institute of Management Arts Festival and Singapore Arts Festival 2010 held at the Victoria Theatre where he performed a Street Jazz item choreographed by Celeste Theunisen, Dance instructor at ITE College East and also a Contemporary item choreographed by Lee Mun Wai from T.H.E Company.

Besides performing, Hirzi also challenged himself into joining various hip hop dance competitions to gain experience and also to see what he can improve on to make his future choreography/item better. Some competitions that he has competed in would be

Danceworks 2008(Energizer Award, Most Supported Group Award) , RPresenting 2012(2nd Place) and Beat The Rhythm 2012(2nd Place). After a few years performing and competing, Hirzi was so keen to share his dance knowledge and experience to other dancers and he was given the opportunity to conduct a dance workshop under Celestar School Of Performing Arts, Malaysia. With his continually improving attitude, determination and motivation that he had from the beginning, Hirzi has been expanding his abilities in all areas and have made him a dancer that he is now.


Dada Pichmutta P


I started learning dancing since I was thirteen in Jazz and Salsa. A year later, I’m exposed to Hip Hop and the Thailand Street Dance industry and trained under Dance 2 Da Hop, a well-known street dance crew in Thailand. I participated and got 2nd place in Seacon Street Challenge 2009, the biggest street dance competition at that time, with more than a thousand people in the audience seats. This competition had a huge impact in my dance career and opened up a lot of job opportunities in the media, advertising and TV programs.

In 2012, I got an opportunity to work in China with Infinity Dance Production International, together with more than 100 dancers from Thailand, China, America and Hong Kong as backup dancers for a singing competition, Blossoming Flowers from Hunan TV. Back in Thailand, I’m also working as a backup dancer and choreographer for numerous famous singers like Debbie Bazoo, Paowalee, Gene Kasidit, Buddha Bless, Joe Flizzo, and many more.

I attended Australia Teacher of Dancing (ATOD) Hip Hop workshop seminar in 2014 and was awarded the certificate, ATOD Hip Hop Syllabus Teacher. This allows me to teach dance syllabus under ATOD programs which is taught in dance schools all over the world.

Currently, other than working as a backup dancer as mentioned above, I am also an instructor at Praw Studio of Arts Pattaya. And being the Thailand representative of Jam Republic, I organize events and dance workshops with famous dancers from Asia, Europe and America.

As a growing dancer, I’m always looking for opportunities to learn and experience different environment that will enrich my skills and knowledge as a dancer and as a person as a whole.


Fatmir Mura

Sand Artist

Fatmir Mura was born in Vlora, Albania, on January 4th, 1976. During his childhood, he discovered a passion for music and practiced the accordion until the age of 14.

In 1994, he moved to Athens, Greece, where he studied theater, pantomime, Latin American dances, and entered the world of magic and illusion. The promising results, the passion for art and show business pushed him to go to Italy to pursue further studies, and seek his destiny as an artist, in order to be able to express the wide array of human feelings and emotions. From this point, the magic of Bubble show and the art of Sand Art became for him a new path towards originality.

In 2011, he presented “Save the World”, a one-person, unique and innovative show, which was an artistic expression through the use of fundamental elements of nature (Water and Earth). It aimed to make the public reflect on, love and respect nature that surrounds us and gives us the opportunity to live. Now he is a full-fledged artist who has participated in various Talent Shows, has made different appearances on television, and is able to convey emotion through the creating of sand drawings, bubble shows and pantomime.


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